The Employment and Education department works with youth, and social development participants ages 15 and up. We assist clients in securing employment in their specialized area of interest.

Employment and Education Department can facilitate:

  • Workshops

  • Training

  • Coaching

  • Job Search Plans

Our department builds partnerships with employers, community agencies and other resources for our clients to access. Alongside the Social Development and Youth Coordinator, our goal is to get as many members out into the workforce or attending school as possible. We look forward to helping you achieve your employment and education goals!



My name is   Joni Morris of Tsartlip First Nation, daughter of Paul Sam Sr of WJOLEP and Toni Williams of STAUTW. I am currently the Employment and Education support for Tsartlip, as well as Membership /Registration administrator. I work with youth, and social development participants over the age of 15, assisting clients in securing employment. I also work with Tsartlip Social programs to attain a job search plan for the clients. I look forward to working with you.