Transcript of Interview

My name is Brenda Bartleman and I’m a Tsartlip First Nations community member here. Currently I’m working with the First Nations water claims settlement that is spread across Canada, right from the East coast to the West Coast. It affects certain First Nations that are in Canada. Now the Tsartlip members are eligible to submit a claim if they were living here for at least one year between October 18th, 2019 and June 20th, 2021. They’re eligible for up to $2,000 in compensation. So again, the date range is in order to claim they need to have lived here at least one year from October 18th, 2019 and June 20th, 2021. Members living here are eligible to put in a Claim. If for instance they were living here and have now passed away, their loved ones can put in a claim for their deceased loved ones and any minor children that were living here as well.

Membership can submit their application. One, they can come and see me at the health building. Two, I have applications here that they can pick up at the health building. I also have applications over at the band office in the reception area. They can also apply online.

If members are seeking support in regards to filling out their applications, I’m here at the health building. They can contact me here and the phone number is (250) 652-4473 or they can contact me on my cell, which is (250) 882-1003. If they prefer, they can also call the Toll Free number for support with filling out their forms is 1-833-252-4220. Also because some of the questions might be overwhelming, there’s also a support line. It’s called Hope for Wellness, and that Toll free number is 1-855-242-3310. March 7th, 2023 is the deadline, and I have not heard of any kind of an extension, so March 7th, 2023, that’s a deadline. 

I will be hosting two sessions. One is Thursday, February the 16th from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM and the other one is Friday, February the 17th at 10:00 AM to 12 noon. And I’ll be supporting people with their applications and how to fill out the form if they need support. They’re going to be held here at the Tsartlip Health Building. 

People will need to have valid government-issued ID, so that could be a driver’s license, or BC ID. Expired status cards or expired Medical cards will not be accepted. It needs to be valid with a date on it. They need to hurry and get their applications in if they lived here between October the 18th, 2019, and June the 20th, 2021, for at least one year.

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