The Big House is now up and running again following renovations. Since the reopening on Nov 4, it has been used several times with initial reviews being very positive. The renovations, such as new drainage and roof repair, are meant to improve the building to prevent further weather and water damage.

The image below shows the new stainless steel kitchen in the Big House that is now in use.

Throughout its renovation, community members have missed the use of the Big House as a foundational cultural space. This has been a top priority item for Chief and Council, Admin, and Housing and Capital Projects. We are very pleased to have this important home back in operation.

The renovations completed since Tsartlip’s summer Band Meeting are extensive and include:

  • The roof at the front and rear of the building has been repaired and redone. This goes a long way in preventing the rainwater leaks which have caused so much damage in the past.
  • The addition of perimeter drainage on both the North and East sides will help better manage flooding and heavy rains that caused floor damage before.
  • The new perimeter drain and floor hatches will both help with management of extreme levels of precipitation.
  • The building of a couple of hatches now provides easy access to monitoring the floor, which helps to address issues before they get out of control.
  • The expansion of the back of the building creates a covered door, shielded from the elements, that doubles as a fire escape. This area is also protected from rain and other elements.
  • Interior renovations include: the painting of the kitchen, flooring installation, new stainless steel cabinetry for durability and easy cleaning and maintenance

This renovation has made the Big House a safe space for community gatherings and cultural events. This is a great accomplishment for Tsartlip. We wish to thank the following contractors and suppliers for their excellent work:

Joseph Curley Contracting

Jim Charlie Roofing

Dean Park Plumbing & Heating

SeaBrook Electrical Services

Russel Hendrix Victoria

Slegg Building Materials

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