Information on the Day School Settlement deadline

Claimants have until July 13, 2022 at 11:59 PM PST to apply for compensation. The Claims Administrator must receive a completed Claim Form

  • By email or fax with an electronic system-generated date stamp of no later than July 13, 2022 at 11:59 PM PST; or
  • By regular mail or courier postmarked by Canada Post or the courier service provider no later than July 13, 2022 at 11:59 PM PSTNote that the Claimant must request a postmark from Canada Post or the courier service provider when submitting their claim using this method.

However the Settlement Agreement provides a possible extension period of six (6) months – extending the deadline to January 13, 2023.

It is recognized that in some extraordinary cases, a Claimant may be entitled to relief from strict application of the Claims Deadline.

If you are unable to submit your Claim Form by the Claims Deadline, you must complete a Request for Deadline Extension Form in order to be considered for a deadline extension. The Request for Deadline Extension Form must be submitted after July 13, 2022 and no later than six months thereafter (the Deadline Extension Period).

The Request for Deadline Extension Form will be made available by July 13, 2022. You will be required to select the reason(s) for the request and to provide a written explanation of the exceptional circumstances you experienced that led to the Claims Deadline not being met.

Claimants are advised that there is no guarantee that their Request for Deadline Extension will be granted. Further, under no circumstance will a late Request for Deadline Extension Form received after the Deadline Extension Period be accepted. Specifically, if your Request for Deadline Extension form is postmarked/time stamped or received 6 months after July 13, 2022, you will not be considered for compensation under the Settlement Agreement.

Claimants are encouraged to submit a Claim Form before the July 13, 2022 deadline rather than file an additional form and relying on the Exceptions Committee to grant the six-month extension. Class Counsel remains free and available to assist at 1-844-539-3815.

For more information or assistance, please visit

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